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  1. Mark Volle

    I would be interested in having a discussion on “higher resolution” audio – I was introduced to the idea of the disparity between electronic and acoustic frequency response by Rupert Neve – 30+ years ago and have been experimenting with it for many years – actually implementing wide electronic bandwidth systems to try and retain the rising edges of transients – and how they relate to our perception of distance – You are completely correct that we are missing the completion of a different level of reproduction. There is a community of folks who try to capture and retain higher actual bandwidths – My goal has been to keep a minimum electronic bandwidth of 8 Hz to 60 kHz but 100 kHz would be more appropriate. With more “immersive” formats coming out, the positional accuracy of sounds seems to depend on some of these clues. My focus has been more in the time domain than the pitch domain but they are really just two different windows in the same room. Outside of audiophile thinking, there have been designers and manufacturers who understood this – Neve, Focusrite, B&K, Haffler, Crown – but many audio engineers and audiophiles will still argue with me that nothing beyond 20k matters, even in the electronic domain – where I know for a fact they are wrong.


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