Dolores Catherino is a microtonal composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Alaska. Her academic background merges undergraduate studies in Music and the graduate study of Medicine in a process of developing new, integrated perspectives at the crossroads of music and science. She is also exploring the theoretical and perceptual limits in our current understanding of auditory perception and auditory intelligence. Her composition performances have been viewed in over 175 countries worldwide.

Her awareness of the limitations of conventional, low pitch-resolution, chromatic musical languages, has led to the exploration and development of high pitch-resolution (106 and 72 notes per octave), polychromatic ‘pitch-color’ systems.

She has been intensively involved in the development and implications of a new Polychromatic paradigm in music. This paradigm moves away from the absolute, static, linear relationships embedded in current low pitch-resolution and microtonal, monochromatic (black and white) music systems, toward a relative, dynamic, nonlinear, ‘pitch-color’ based musical system.

She utilizes innovative microtonal musical instruments with a focus toward the continuing exploration and development of uncharted potentials in musical expression and acoustic phenomena. She hopes to inspire further awareness and exploration of the Polychromatic paradigm through music composition, intuitive evolutions in musical notation and theory, multi- sensory perceptual (synesthetic) development and analysis, as well as an inquiry into wider philosophical implications of this new aesthetic perspective.